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Oh Hi! Welcome to my first blog post.

Inspiration, y’know that “lightbulb moment” is key to pushing ourselves in life, building, and “bettering” ourselves.

I didn’t want to delve too deep here, but I know that as my first post this is something that I would like to come back to (because I know I need a kick up the arse now and then)  and I hope it might give someone else the inspiration to just bite the bullet and go for it! Whatever “it” might be.

Something I’m guilty of is waiting for inspiration and motivation to just happen, but I have learnt over time that we need to be our own inspiration, heres how..

Top tips to find your inspiration..

1. Get your thoughts on paper.

Write things down, what you enjoy, what you didn’t enjoy, things that make you smile, keeping a planner or journal is important to help us get feelings down on paper and to vent. I have my eye on the Happiness planner which not only is a beautiful piece of stationary, it prompts you to write down resolutions, plans, and has cute inspirational quotes throughout.

2. Take a step back

Sometimes to see the bigger picture you need to take a look at what direction your going in, list your long term plans and goals, and then the fun bit is trying to figure our how your going to get there. No matter what changes keep your goals in mind, then you can make sure your taking step to accomplish them.

3. Push your fears aside

Easier said than done. But this point makes so much sense because I have battled with my fears of failure, letting people down, embarrassing myself. If we lived our lives without fear then imagine the possibilities, imagine what we could accomplish – unless something is going to physically hurt you or another then is it worth fearing? Im not saying you should purposely set out to do something reckless.. like betting your life savings on a 3 legged horse, but think about your dream and whether your fears outway accomplishing your goal?

4. Believe in yourself.

This is so cliche but there isn’t going to be any point in pursuing something that you don’t believe you can achieve. Visualize your dream, close your eyes and imagine what it will be like when you get there. There will be no better feeling than succeeding.

5. Block out negativity.

I have enough self doubt without the likes of friends, family and strangers trying to add to my doubt, acknowledge their advice and guidance but ultimately you need to shake off negativity to feel inspired, it can be all to easy to just give up when otherb people tell you that you cant do something.  You have the freedom to do your own thing and you should not let anyone stand in your way. And remember, the people that really care about you will be cheering you on no matter what.

6. Spend some “me” time.

Despite having a huge “to do” list, sometimes when Im home form work I get straight into my pyjamas, grab a cup of tea, light candles and put on a good film. An hour before bed I will take a long bath with some aromatherapy associate oils, maybe a face mask (I love this Origins charcoal mask) and grab an early night. There is nothing like feeling refreshed and pampered to help motivate me to knuckle down and get some work done.

origins inspiration

7. Dont force it.

This is something I can really relate to as I spent years coasting along in jobs to get me by with no clear path or direction. The truth is I didn’t know what I want to do for a long time, and do you know what thats fine, if your not sure what you want to do yet then it’s probably not your time. When the time is right to act, trust me you will know.

8. Have faith in yourself

Nobody knows your limits and your potential better than yourself, I always go back to that old saying which is so corny but you just need believe in yourself. Block out any negativity that is preventing you from having faith in yourself or stopping you from pursuing your dream. Let your idols inspire you, but you should never let them make you feel small or intimidated. You need to remember you are just worthy to be successful as any other person, and you deserve all the same success if not more.

9. Stay focused, work hard.

The fact is successful people didn’t achieve their dreams without a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, success won’t fall in your lap, if you loose track then keep focused on your goal which should give you the inspiration to keep going.

10. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Feeling like a failure is gut wrenching, not a week goes by that I’m not reminded about my failures, it feels like I have a wasted a lot of time. But everything we do in life is a lesson, including our failures. You should never let failures hold you back from trying again, try something different, come at it from another angle, work harder and you will get there eventually, its only a matter of time.

And finally, celebrate your successes!

Okay this is a bonus tip, but when you’re feeling low and full of self-doubt, just remember all of your achievements -(no matter how small) its such a great way to give yourself a boost of inspiration, I tend to write things down that I can come back to whenever I’m feeling low.

Dont worry you’ve got this.

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