Beauty & Skincare Favourites – September

september beauty favourites

So for this first beauty and skincare favourites line up, I have a few long term favourites that I wanted to let you know about. For me September is all about keeping skin hydrated as the seasons change from summer to autumn, which can make the skin dry and cause flare ups such as blemishes or dry patches. However first up we have a make-up favourite;

Zoeva – Cocoa Blend

I love every single colour in this palette, the shadows are creamy, highly pigmented, paraffin and mineral oil free and even contain vitamin E. And best of all? Most of the colours in this palette are MAC dupes, and at a fraction of the cost.. my favourite shade “sweeter end” is almost identical to MAC All that glitters.


Pros: At just £18 its very reasonably priced, and amazing value for the quality. Buy this palette – you won’t be disappointed!

Cons: There is no mirror but for the price i can’t really complain, and if I’m being really picky the cardboard packaging may get worn and damaged over time.. however mine still looks pristine.

Pixi Glow tonic

Yes every beauty blogger worth their salt has talked about this stuff, to get straight to the point this is a tonic/toner that I have been using after cleansing. It has a nice  fresh scent to use in the morning it makes my skin feel tingly clean yet soft. It contains 5% Glycolic acid which helps slather off dull dead skin to reveal a more “glowing” complexion, you see what I did there?

I can’t stress how much I love this product, and I’m already looking out to see where I can grab a back up bottle on offer – its easily available, stockists include M&S, QVC, Cult beauty, Lookfantastic, and ASOS.




Pros: I love the smell of this product, kind of like a fresh soapy smell? It lasts a long time and is very reasonable priced. I can see visible benefits to my skin, and Caroline Hirons recommends it.. enough said!

Cons: You will need to stock up on cotton pads to apply it, although they have started selling pots of pre-soaked “on the go” Pixie glow peel pads.

Sally Hansen – Cuticle Eraser + Balm

A little magic from Sally Hansen, I put this on my cubicles (then rub the excess into my hands) before bed every night. Its a rich cucumber an green tea balm which is supposed to remove cuticles and “hangnails” but to be quite honest I have not found it to be that effective at removing cuticles.  Instead, this is a fantastic moisturiser for dry cuticles, and has really worked its magic on my sore, dry, peeling thumb.

If your cuticles dry out and peel as much as mine during the winter months, then you will love this balm, its long lasting and keeps nails moisturised all day.


Pros: The Cucumber and green tea scent is lovely, just don’t get caught sniffing your nails all day..

Cons: It doesn’t absorb immediately – so don’t touch your hair or face after applying unless you want a greasy fringe.

Nuxe – Reve de Miel

A lip balm which not only gives you incredibly soft supple lips, but leaves them feeling moisturised for hours. It leaves a matt finish to the lips, so perfect to use under lipstick! Now I know “Miel” means “honey” in French, which explains why it smells remarkably like honey… but it also has a hint of grapefruit, so it’s not too sickly sweet.

The price was initially a sticking point for me, but I’m a sucker for a decent lip balms and after biting the bullet and purchasing this pot of gold I can 100% say that this is a product that I will buy for life, and after looking at all of the natural ingredients it is one that I can recommend to anyone.

reive de miel Nuxe

Pros:  It moisturises for hours, and brings sore chapped lips up to scratch after one application, definitely worth the £9.50 price tag. It also smells like honey, but isn’t sweet so you won’t be tempted to lick it off!

Cons: The glass pot is a little tricky to carry in my pocket for Skiing, also having to take the lid off and put it on the side whilst trying to apply it “on the go” is a little tricky.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

If its good enough for the Queen Isabelle of Hungary.. then its good enough for me! Now after seeing all of the rave reviews I was not totally convinced.. but after applying a full face of make up and spritzing this all over my face and neck – It gave me a cool clean refreshing feeling which is almost addictive, and it definitely seemed to give my skin a little more of a glow. It has a herbal smell to it which I can only assume is due to the rosemary and orange blossom, plus you can really feel the balm mint tingling away on your skin.

It’s another French treat that’s slightly on the expensive side, but I feel a lot less guilty for indulging in it now I know how good it feels on the skin, and I can’t wait to use this next time head out on a flight.

caudalie facial spritz

Pros: Refreshing, natural ingredients, Luxury feeling.

Cons: It’s slightly expensive, and it might sound silly but the Cap is a little hard to take on and off! Some people don’t like the small and find it too herbal.

Becca Backlight Priming Filter

Im having a real love affair with Becca products, ever since I tried the Shimmering Skin Perfecter in moonstone I was hooked by the subtle highlight, and the high quality of the product and packaging I’m late to the party I know.. so anyway when I heard about this primer I new that I had to try it.

As the name so helpfully describes, its designed to give you a backlit glow – a kind of “glow from within” which it does pull off very well. It doesn’t leave you with a tale, tale shimmer, but somehow gives you a natural glow which you could get away with using on its own for a make up free day. Its very lightweight so can be applied after you have moisturised and it doesn’t feel like you are caking on the layers. Mecca have even slipped in some Vitamin E and “tightening liquorice extract combine to brighten, firm and ward against free radical-attack.”

becca backlight filter

Pros: It does what it says on the tin, and gives a nice dewy glow to most light/medium weight foundations. It also smells fantastic.. and feels like a special high end product.

Cons: The bottle is heavy for traveling, and as primers go is quite pricey at £32 for 30ml. It doesn’t give the full effect with full coverage matt foundations – but I guess thats the point of a matt foundation.

Sunday Riley – Luna Sleeping night oil 

Before you see the price tag.. just hear me out..

I took the plunge and got this luna oil as part of a Cult beauty box so I have the slightly smaller 15ml bottle. I am so thankful that I got introduced to this product, after the first application I genuinely noticed results over night, fine lines around my eyes had disappeared, and the large pores around my nose seemed smaller, spots seemed less red and angry, my skin looked amazing after just a couple of uses, A bold claim I know.

After a little research I can see that the oil contains a new innovative ingredient from a flower called Blue Tansey, described as”a powerfully skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory extract that reduces redness and helps to calm signs of skin stress” this is what gives Luna (some) of its blue colouring (the other part is blue dye.. which is a little disappointing) It also contains a retinol complex which is a proven anti ageing ingredient which can in fact reverse skin damage from the sun and pollution exposure. Because it contains a retinol complex you should ensure you always use SPF the morning after using this.

I don’t know what else to say about this product other than it really does work.

luna facial oil

Pros: It gives visible results after just a couple of uses. When using this you can skip the eye cream as this can be patted under the eyes and works wonders.

Cons: Obviously the price is crazy – but as one of my current favourites I would definitely re-purchase. Also i’m a little disappointed that they have added more blue colouring, come on Sunday Riley.. we don’t care if its not a deep blue, let the Blue Tansey’s natural colour come through..

That is all for this month! Apologies I feel like this post has been a bit rambled, but I’m pleased to have finally created my first ‘monthly favourites list” I had so much to say about some amazing products, I hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think about these products!

Thank you for checking out my September favourites and if you have any questions about any of these products then please feel free to ask in the comments below!



All products and opinions my own. No products were sponsored or gifted. Prices correct as of 1.10.2016

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