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This is a post for my fellow make-up hoarders out there..  my name is Kayleigh and I have a make-up addiction.

When I see a new product released as a “Limited Edition” my eyes widen, it only takes a split second for me to decide if I need it, then theres a frenzy which comes over me which usually results in me scrabbling around my bag for my credit card and bam, the deed is done.

Now besides the fact that my most recent purchase from SpaceNK is shiny, marble, and BEAUTIFUL, it was also a wopping £69, yes sixty, nine, pounds. The only thing that softened the blow was the “high end” free samples I got to add to my basket because they clearly felt sorry for me.

Anyhow, pushing aside the glaringly obvious reason I NEEDED this palette, errmmm did somebody say marble?.. There are actually 5 all new colours in the new Lighting Edit – Surreal Light palette, and they are all very wearable.

For me Hourglass are the Rolls Royce of powders, they are finely milled, they don’t contain chunks of shimmer or glitter – instead they leave a beautiful, natural sheen to the skin which doesn’t cake, or sit in fine lines – which for a “twenty something” year old, is a relief.

If I want to look flawless, Hourglass powders are what I reach for.

The Swatches..

The large powder on the left is a finishing powder called “surreal light” – a little like the “Dim light” shade that they sell individually – great for setting underneath your eyes, your nose, forehead and chin, im pleased they gave a bigger amount of this powder as its probably the one I will use the most.


The two powders along the top are both blushed, Surreal glow and Surreal effect, I prefer the one in the centre as its peachy colour seems to be a bronzer & blush combined, where as the brighter pink is better for a pop of colour and should be used sparingly.

I find the bronzer in this palette (bottom row in the centre) much more wearable than the bronzer in the Ambient lighting edit (the palette with the gold packaging) its a softer more subtle bronzer, kind of like the Too Faced – Milk chocolate bronzer, but with more of a sheen.

And finally we have the “Strobe Powder” which I was quite excited about as I hadn’t tried any of their strobe powders yet – and to be honest, I found it a little too dark for for my skin tone, it has a very golden tone which is similar to Becca – Champagne pop however Champagne pop has a tonne more shimmer.

Overall I would say that this palette would work better for me in summer when I have a bit more of a summer glow, but I’m still going to enjoy using it in winter – because its too darn gorgeous not to! Was it worth nearly seventy quid? .. well your asking the wrong person *wink wink*

Sadly the gold palette on the right is currently not available to purchase (another limited edition) but it contains a lot of Hourglasses favourite powders which you can buy individually.

If your new to hourglass I would definitely recommend  the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette which has a run-up of  3 very popular finishing powders which I have linked below.



    • Kayleigh
      October 19, 2016 / 3:49 pm

      Make up is all one big learning curve, plus there is always great new make-up technology being released!x

  1. October 20, 2016 / 6:04 pm

    It so beauty… Gonna try it out <3

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