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Earlier this year I took a short break to visit to Majorca for some much needed vitamin D, its one of the most popular of the Balearic Islands – we are talking the standard Spanish style holiday Sun, Sangria, paella, hot dog legs galore, and some amazing beaches if you can pull yourself away from the pool. Just what I needed.

I got a little fed up with our “so called” British summer this year, so on the spur of the moment I booked a last minute package holiday deal to Majorca with Thomson online, it was the first ever all inclusive holiday I had booked so we wanted to make sure it was a decent hotel (because we all know that decent hotel = decent food) luckily I ended up staying in the very beautiful Insotel Cala Mandia Resort. I would highly recommend our resort as the staff were lovely, and the “adult only” part of the hotel had an exclusive pool area with sun beds, bar and restaurant – it really was the relaxing, stress free kind of place we were looking for, we didn’t have to think about anything.

The food turned out to be really varied – there really was something for everyone and you could pre-book to eat at one of the 5 restaurants around the complex (all were free apart from the 50’s style burger bar was an additional 10 Euro supplement each) we stayed in the upgraded adult only section of the hotel which was in the main hotel building, which looked alot more luxurious than the other accomadation buildings which were over the road – they were alot more family focused and had kids pools outside, we actually only ventured over the road once to visit one of the restaurants.

Oh and the adult only restaurant and bar (which was a 30 second walk from our room) was fantastic, we had a 4 course meal with waiter service, free drinks at the bar and in the evenings it was quite the chic hotspot to sit around by the lit up pool, whilst drinking free pina coladas, bliss.

It was a short 5 day break with Mr P, and as it was a last minute deal we got a fabulous all inclusive 4* hotel, fights and transfers costing £1398 holiday – for just £700. The only catch was we had to fly from Doncaster, from Robin Hood Airport (a cute little modern airport in the middle of nowhere) and the timings were a bit taxing as we set off from home at around mid day for the long trip from Bristol to Doncaster for the flight at 10pm, once landed we then left at Majorca’s Palma airport at about 1am, and hit our hotel around 3am, needless to say the next day was a very sleepy day on the sun loungers.

Im not sure what drew me to Majorca but I had been here before and enjoyed it, the first time I visited the island was with my 2 best friends from school, back when I had just turned 16. Yes, we did the whole Magaluf thing.. which was brilliant, but nowadays my goal is to go away to relax and unwind rather than get blind drunk and walk home barefoot, only to sleep it off the next day – and repeat. (which must be a right of passage for most teen Brits right?!)

Moving back to the more cultural aspects of the island, it hosts the biggest marina of the Mediterranean Sea, sandy white beaches, some beautiful caves, a labyrinth-like city centre, one of the most impressive cathedrals in all of Spain, Oh and not to mention Majorca’s *world “probably” Famous* Pirates show, which is bloody brilliant entertainment! (It is definitely worth spending a few days in Palma before or after your trip!)

We booked and excursion for the day on a catamaran boat called “Magic catamaran” original I know.. which set sail from a harbour just along the coast from us (we were told about half an hour away) as traveling around the island was fairly easy. The coach transfer was part of the excursion price.. however I really wish we had booked a taxi to get there, as the half an hour trip took a long, hot, boring 2 hours after stopping off to visit all of the other hotels to pick everyone else up along the way (quite reassuring to see that we hadn’t ended up at some of the other hotels we saw along the way *phew*) I would definitely recommend getting your own taxi there as that was a sticking point for me.

The Day trip itself was bloomin’ glorious, a little crowded, but none the less we got to lounge around on a boat, explore the coast of the island, sun ourselves and jump over board for a swim in the sea to cool off before stopping for a bit of a BBQ and salad lunch which was cooked on the back of the boat whilst we swam. The water was crystal clear, just like being in a postcard.

Overall it was a fantastic break for the money we spend, there was not a great deal of our usual exploring or culture finding, because we really were in need of a relaxing week away from it all, this holiday had everything we needed so that we didn’t have to stress or worry about anything.

I thought it was a really nice touch to have the adults only area and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for hotels like this in future! Majorca, its been a pleasure.


The Details:

Travel Company: Thomson

Hotel: Insotel Cala Mandia Resort. Majorca

Cost: £700 All inclusive hotel, transfers, flights

Date: July 2016

Duration: 5 Days

Would I go back again?: Yes definitely, if your looking for a relaxing adult break, and you don’t want to have to think about anything apart from which cocktail to get next – then this is for you!



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